Ultra Clear Adhesive:Has a 0.05-1 second  dry time Should be kept between: 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit Humidity level for best retention is between: 45-65%Crystal Clear No Black CarbonLong-lasting adhesive Non-Allergenic 5 MLCan be used for:Silk lashes Classic lashingVolume lashingMega Volume lashingPre-Made LashingAdhesive good for:2 MONTHS after receiving your order.Whether OPENED or UNOPENED Adhesive should be:Shaken side to side NOT up and downShake before each useShake for 20 seconds to ensure ingredients are well mixedIf the glue is not well shaken will result in retention issuesChange out and dispense a new drop of glue into a new glue ring OR on a new area on a jade stone or crystal stone every 20-30 minutesNever dispense adhesive on top of the previous drop  Adhesive Storage:Refrigerate upon receiving to stabilize the ingredients After can be stored in a cool dry place If the temperature is not consistent store in refrigerator at end of dayIf the temperature stays consistent in your lashing suite, store in a Adhesive Jar in between clients to maintain a cool temperatureIf stored in the refrigerator overnight please remove 30 minutes before initial use of the day Never lash with cold adhesive as it will cause retention issues  Adhesive will dry within 0.05-1 second  in the recommended environment:68-75 degrees Fahrenheit 45-65% Humidity Product Note:Do not use this adhesive if your clients are allergic to any lash adhesive, have had an allergic reaction to lash adhesives in the past, or allergic to cyanoacrylate. Symptoms of Allergens:-swollen eyes-itchiness-severe red eyes-soreness of the eyelids -discharge of the eyeIf a client has ever experienced these symptoms in the past, then this client is allergic to lash adhesive in general and we recommend you do not apply lash extensions to said client/clients.Adhesive Contains NO LATEX For additional information please see our adhesive card included with every purchase of The Ultra Clear Adhesive.ALL GLUES ARE FINAL SALE

Ultra Clear Adhesive